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Our School

Focusing on academic achievement through interactive lessons.

Pitcher Elementary is proud to educate a diverse population of students in the East Kansas City community. Our goal is to prepare every student with the academic, social and technological skill set to make them successful adults in the 21st century. Our goal is to provide a collaborative, nurturing culture where students can become good citizens, effective leaders and lifelong learners. We focus every day on scholarship and positive community.

Serving all students.

Pitcher is the only school in KCPS to specifically serve language-impaired students. The Specific Language Impaired (SLI) program (formerly known as Delayed Language) is an alternative educational placement for children whose language acquisition and usage is significantly discrepant from the level expected for their age and cognitive ability. The program is designed to focus on language development, utilizing multiple techniques and materials to also help them progress through academic coursework.

At Pitcher, we educate students from many different countries. The English as a Second Language program is designed to teach students who speak languages other than English how to understand, speak, read and write in English. This program also supports students’ culture and language whenever possible.

students of pitcher in classroom